Services Provided

  • Individual Therapy.
    We provide individual therapy, though most of our therapists allow flexibility to allow for family members to come to sessions as needed.
  • Family Counseling.
    When family members need to come to session in order to gather additional information or to resolve conflict.
  • Letters confirming attendance, diagnoses, recommendations, etc.
    Letters are given to assist clients with their life goals, which may include work, school, career, disability, as well as provide information, recommendations, or referrals.
  • Diagnosing.
    Diagnoses are given in most circumstances.
  • School-return letters.
    Children are assessed and granted letters to return to school when appropriate.
  • CANS Assessments.
    CANS Assessment are required for all children in foster care upon entry and then annually. Call (254) 239-1027 to make an appointment.
  • Mental Health Support Animal.
    We do give mental health support animal prescription letters, but only in accordance with the guidelines of "under the care;" thus, they can be given upon establishing a therapeutic relationship, which means on-going counseling.
  • Telehealth.
    We also provide Telehealth.
  • ADHD

    Medication, empathy, self-control.

  • Addiction

    Replace Unhealthy coping skills with healthy coping skills.

  • Anxiety

    Replace anxious thoughts and stress with calming thoughts.

  • Bipolar Disorder

    Empathy, self-control.

  • Depression

    Self-care, self-motivation, manage stress, achieve joy.

  • Family

    Have family be a part of your treatment.

  • Military

    Active-duty, Veterans, and family members

  • Grief/Loss

    Death, divorce, life changes.

  • Marital/Couples Issues

    Communicate towards solutions and learn to give each other emotional support.

  • OCD

    Balance feelings with thoughts to conquer obsessions.

  • PTSD/Trauma

    Emotional healing, anxiety interventions, calming techniques, find peace.

  • Christian

    Christian therapists available.

  • Foster Care

    Attachment issues, adjusting to family changes, addressing symptoms and behaviors, emotional healing.

  • CANS Assessments

    Child and Adolescents Needs and Strengths (CANS) Assessments