Services Provided

  • 1. Individual Counseling/therapy.
    Most of our therapists allow flexibility to allow for family members to come to sessions as needed.
  • 2. Family Counseling.
    When family members need to come to session in order to gather additional information or to resolve conflict.
  • 3. Letters confirming attendance, diagnoses, recommendations, etc.
    Yes, letters are given to assist clients with their life goals, which may include work, school, career, disability, etc. information, recommendations, or referrals.
  • 4. Diagnosing.
    Diagnoses are given in most circumstances.
  • 5. School-return letters.
    Children are assessed and granted letters to return to school when appropriate.
  • 6. CANS Assessments.
    CANS Assessment are required for all children in foster care upon entry and then annually. Call (254) 239-1027 to make an appointment.
  • 7. Mental Health Support Animal.
    We do give mental health support animal prescription letters, but only in accordance with the guidelines of "under the care;" thus, they can be given upon establishing a therapeutic relationship, which means on-going counseling.
  • 8. Telehealth.
    We also provide Telehealth, which many insurances are now allowing.
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