The flexibility of using Telemed as an option when I can't make it to the office keeps me engaged readily.

Anna B

He doesn't just listen, but encourages me to work towards a solution.

Marina V

It was great to talk to a fellow Veteran who speaks the same language.

Bill Q

She got me to where I no longer afraid of getting angry or an anxiety attack. I can now feel better about myself.


Life changing.  I can now go out in public and am not afraid of getting angry or anxious.  I never thought counseling would help.  I just went because my family wanted me to, but it worked to my amazement.

Tim Stone

I brought my teenage son in and her techniques have made a complete turnaround in his behavior.  She is so focused on fixing him and not having it be a lifetime of coming to see her.

Joe Parrish

My children receive counseling here and from the first time we attended I knew it was going to be beneficial to the children.  It's just a plus that I get guidance from her to help me get a better insight on the children and their problems.

Rosie Little