Psychiatric medication prescriptions
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  • ADHD

    Medication, empathy, self-control.

  • Addiction

    Replace Unhealthy coping skills with healthy coping skills.

  • Anxiety

    Replace anxious thoughts with calming thoughts.

  • Autism

    Back-and-forth communication and social skills.

  • Bipolar

    Medication, empathy, self-control.

  • Depression

    Self-care, self-motivation, joy.

  • Family

    Have family be a part of your treatment.

  • Grief/Loss

    Death, divorce, life changes.

  • Marital Issues

    Communicate towards solutions and learn to give each other emotional support.

  • OCD

    Balance feelings with thoughts to conquer obsessions.

  • PTSD/Trauma

    Emotional healing, anxiety interventions, calming techniques, find peace.

  • Christian

    Christian therapists available.

  • Foster Care

    Attachment issues, adjusting to family changes, addressing symptoms and behaviors, emotional healing.

  • Military

    Contact MOS and ask for EAP for non-diagnoses or use Tricare to ensure your diagnoses are in your record. We see all military either way .

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